Recent Work in Print

The first quarter of 2018 has been a productive one. Here’s a rundown of where some of my work has appeared in print recently.

Trains Magazine: Besides having stories in the monthly news section, I’ve been fortunate to have three features published so far this year. I authored a cover story in the January issue about driverless trains. I was initially skeptical of there being enough material to fill an entire cover story about this topic, but after weeks of reporting I discovered a fascinating story about technology and the future of railroading.

I also played a small role in the April cover story about independent short line railroads. Six authors went out and profiled six different railroad companies and I had the opportunity to chat with the folks at the Albany & Eastern Railroad in western Oregon.

Last, but not least, Trains Magazine’s special “Hot Spots” includes a story I wrote about BNSF Railway’s Marias Pass route through northwest Montana.

Flathead Living Magazine: I recently had the pleasure of writing two different history pieces for the Flathead Beacon’s quarterly magazine. The Winter 2018 issue included a story about Canadian explorer David Thompson who played a critical role in putting Northwest Montana on the map in the 1800s. The Spring 2018 edition has a story about the Great Northern Railway’s James J. Hill, known as the “Empire Builder,” and his effort developing the Pacific Northwest.

Travel + Leisure: Earlier this year, I got an email from a photo editor at Travel + Leisure asking if I had any photos of Amtrak’s Empire Builder along Glacier Park (do I? Of course I do!). One of the images I sent was published on a two-page spread to help illustrate a piece about traveling by rail to visit national parks.

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