Here are a few of my favorite stories that have appeared in print over the last few years.


News Features and Travel


Enjoying Glacier National Park’s Quiet Season – Washington Post, August 2019


For 40 Years, Wrecking Trains Was One of America’s Favorite Pastimes – Atlas Obscura, July 2019


The Secrets of a World Champion Barstool Racer – Flathead Beacon, February 2019


In the Southwest, It’s Full Steam Ahead – Washington Post, September 2018


The World’s Largest Steam Locomotive Makes an Epic Return – Atlas Obscura, June 2018


Mind Games – Flathead Beacon, November 2017


Running For Brad – Flathead Beacon, August 2017


Decade After Epidemic, Meth Surges Again – Flathead Beacon, August 2016


A Murder in Glacier Park – Flathead Beacon, December 2013




The Empire Builder – Flathead Living, Spring 2018


The Century-Old Tool Being Used to Battle Flames in California – Atlas Obscura, October 2017


The Toughest Town In Montana – Flathead Living, Spring 2017


Preserving America’s Best Idea – Glacier Journal, Summer 2016


Warriors of Winter – Flathead Beacon, December 2014


Breaking News


Century-Old Chalet Falls Victim to Glacier Park Wildfire – Flathead Beacon, September 2017


Railroad Industry


Railroading’s Titanic – Train Wrecks, a Trains Magazine special issue, Summer 2018.


The Ski Train’s ‘Grande’ Return – Trains Magazine, December 2017


Daylight Rising – Big Steam is Back, Summer 2017


Climate Change: How Will it Impact Railroading? – Trains Magazine, January 2017


Railroading in Avalanche Alley – Trains Magazine, December 2015


The Flathead Beacon Police Blotter


The Best of the Flathead Beacon Police Blotter – 2017 and 2018